Thursday, February 24, 2011

White German Shepherd breeders in Pennsylvania

White German Shepherd breeders in Pennsylvania

Please contact us regarding availability of beautiful white German Shepherd puppies! We may occasionally have both pure white as well as a white variation which is similar to the color of champagne and is sometimes described as apricot coloration or "honey kissed coloration" in both the long and short coat length.

White German Shepherd breeders in Pennsylvania

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

King Shepherd? NO - Giant German Shepherd Ash

King Shepherd? NO - Giant German Shepherds - Giant German Shepherd Breeder

Q: Are your dogs King Shepherds / King German Shepherds / King Size German Shepherds?

King Shepherds as a breed are a "breed in development" not accepted by the American Kennel Club but can be registered elsewhere and are a cross of larger German Shepherd Dogs, Shiloh Shepherds, and possible various flock guardians. Our breeding dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club and are German Shepherd Dogs. There are people that loosely use the term "King Shepherd" to apply to any oversized German Shepherd, and also use the terms "King German Shepherd", "King Size Shepherd" or "King Size German Shepherd", which is fine. However, we do want to clarify that while some of our dogs may share relatives in the pedigrees, ours are not the same as the registered King Shepherd breed of dog.

An example of our dogs would be pictured below, Ash, who is one of our oversized German Shepherds. At two and a half years of age, he measures over 30" at the shoulder with a weight of around 135 pounds. He is still filling out and are expecting Ash to put on another 10+ pounds by the time he is done growing at 3-4 years of age. He is a large boned German shepherd with a broad head and an impressive stature, but unlike King Shepherds, is an AKC registered German Shepherd and a type that we are striving for.

Again, while our dogs may look very similar and be indirectly related through German Shepherd Dog heritage, our dogs are NOT the registered King Shepherd breed of dog, as our breeding dogs are AKC registered pure German Shepherds.

From our King Shepherds Q and A portion of our website.

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